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The work MUST be genuine and approved for participation by the film director/producer or studio who owns the rights. Same goes for scriptwriter, must be your own work. Missrepresentation & Plagiarism will ban you from future events.

See Our Resolution Process

i. Can have the film removed immediately at the direct request from the filmmaker, authorized representative/agent/submitter. A request that MUST be sent via email to by the same person who submitted the film/authorized representative on records with the submission platform (eg:, and MUST include the following information:

a) Film Title. OR

b) Submitter's Name

c) And on which platform (in question eg: youtube, vimeo, filmfreeway, festhome, colortape web site) is the film listed. As we have multiple options available.


Participants MUST register online, please click the platdorm link button of your choice. MUST provide a screener download link, film information (Eg: directors name, synopsis, main lead & support actors name - for nomination award, etc). An A3 OR A4 CYMK high rezolution poster so we can promote your film/works. A good quality director's photo is desireable, for nomination in the "Best Director" category. Lead actor photo is optional. Thank you.

Upload Requirements.

PLEASE send us compressed the screener file in MP4 or mov format. They MUST NOT exceed the 2Gig size (preferably). No screener NO participation in the event. A trailer is welcome for promotional purposes (together with the poster).

For any enquiries regarding a submitted film please provide your film title, and tracking number (obtained from the platform received during your registration online).


As 3rd party submission platforms do NOT provide video selection preview listing of all films, video playback features, we will upload your film to our web site in the "Watch&Vote" links, and as an alternative and a double feature opportunity for your films to be seen by a larger public audience, also will be on YouTube . (depending on your country access, permissions etc) to increase your chances to be seen and voted for. The listing and features on youTube are excellent. Many other platforms including COLORTAPE are unable to provide such a high technical IT programming skill to implement. Hence, we are inclined to use YouTube's advanced embedded features. Those who cannot access or do not want their films on youTube you MUST send us an email to colortape@gmail and request a removal of your film from the listing. REMEMBER: if you ask us to remove your film you will loose anywhere between 10-15 points from the rating generated by viewers on YouTube.

Sometimes just enough points to be a winner of a certain category. We do not want you to diminish your chances to gain extra point. It all adds up. For example: 5points if you provide us a quality (printable rezolution) poster. Many send us thumbnail sizes. It is a NO NO!


Films from around the world, Australia, Africa, Asia, Middle East, US, Canada, Central and South American countries may submit here

European based filmmakers have multiple platform choices Lating Films, Slavic films, Germanic, French, Rest of European films, (English subtitles is required, embedded or SRT format is fine). Please enter either via or

Colortape is a film competition and film festival offering an Indoor/Outdoor screening opportunity platform, when and where possible, to showcase filmmakers work, and reward everyone towards the end of the competitive season.

The competition will usually commence on or aroud the 1st December of each year
and the festival will run till November the following year.

Deadline for entries, the awarding process od ccommercials, short films, animation, music videos, documentaries, features or student & experimental entries may vary for each categories.

The top ten features, commercials and/or short films are to be randomly selected and screened on our dedicated website or on YouTube (with your permission) as an online event during Colortape Internationalís film festival.

Awards in Month of November.
After the screening, the special awards ceremony will be held to announce and award ALL filmmakers with a certified recognition, or a prize for all eligible winners in every category possible. Monthly "IN THE SPOTLIGHT" on selected entries will be performed with the ocassional "WINNER OF THE MONTH" prize/award to be presented.

The Awards & Prizes

For more information, visit
The competition willusually commence on or aroud the 1st December of each year and the festival will run till November the following year.

Public Compliance Statement

COLORTAPE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is committed to good Governance, and the organisation adopted typical Not-For-Profit Regulator Governance Code. At this time, being a privately owned, relatively small family owned business we are trying to comply with all a number of Governance Codes. Date approved by the CEO: 4th February 2023









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