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Diana Web Series Episodes 1 & 2 by Peter Koevari

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Key Cast:

Ruby Lott, Erin Bradley, Tyrah Read, Megan Hintz, Deividy Reis, Agathe Camp

Category :

TV Pilot, Web Series

About :

*PROJECT INCLUDES EPISODE 1 & 2 BACK TO BACK* Series Logline: Diana, a young woman who receives an unexpected ability, must avoid capture and survive a nemesis intent on her destruction. Episode 1 Logline: Diana, a young teacher, experiences a strange phenomenon as a result of an injection. Episode 2 Logline: Diana's situation is revealed to her sister, Heather. Dr Miller is found by one of the company's ruthless enforcer's, Alex

Tags :

Shorts (link under development) World Films (link under development) Feature (link under development) Historical (link under development) Fiction (link under development) Drama (link under development)

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